Posted: 2024-02-01

Linux distribution is Gentoo, currently. Been on Debian forever, but since it’s approaching 20 years since last I used Gentoo, I decided to give it a go. Feels oddly familiar. So far less yak shaving than I’d anticipated.

Window manager is XFCE4 with the Chicago95 theme. KDE-stuff has the reactionary theme. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s close enough that it doesn’t grate the senses too much. More visually consistent than most other desktop environments, even actual (2020s) Windows.

Windows 95 is the peak of interface design. If you turn away from skeumorphism, you turn away from humanity. All human language is metaphorical, even design language. Heck, especially design language.


Browser is Falkon, which as far as browsers go isn’t the greatest, but it lets me have sane scrollbars in my browser, which makes up for the fact that half the websites don’t render correctly.

Monospace terminal/editor font is Comic Mono, the excellent readability of which is real MVP in covering for my dyslexic ass.

Console is Konsole, terminal is Bash. For editors I switch between vanilla completely uncustomized vim, kate, or intellij.

Keyboard is a Logickeyboard Silver Slimline Keyboard, which is the closest I’ve come to replicating the feel of a Logitech Ultra X, the greatest keyboard there ever was (despite having scissor switches), which in turn is the closest thing you’ll get to a full sized desktop keyboard that feels like the keyboard of an older IBM-style ThinkPad.

Mouse is some wireless garbage. I alternate between this and a decade old “gaming” mouse with awful precision and a busted scrollwheel.