Donate To This Project

Posted: 2022-09-05

I’m just one guy building all of this on my own. I’d like to expand the search engine and make it more useful. My hope is that it will bring value to its users and enable a thriving independent Internet.

I’m paying most of the work out of my own pocket but that only goes so far. To this end I have a few donation links. Every last bit helps and even a modest contribution is greatly appreciated and will lengthen the time I’m able to work like this.

You can also just send me an email at and we can discuss other alternatives.


The cheapest way you can support the search engine is by using it, and talking about it, and telling me when things go wrong. Feedback is invaluable, even if it’s just “this-and-that query gives bad results”, as I often use exactly such bad queries to figure out how to improve the results. I also just like getting emails. Lots of people have reached out and it’s very inspiring.