Privacy Considerations

Posted: 2022-09-22

Last Updated: 2024-05-21

This privacy policy is in effect on

Local StorageNo
Tracking PixelsNo
Social Media ButtonsNo
Third Party RequestsNo
Access Log RetentionUp to 24h

Search queries are very sensitive and private and as a result logging is at a minimum.

No information about which links are clicked is gathered, and it is not possible to historically correlate IP address to search terms. This non-retention policy exists to be able to comply with subpoenas and legal requests without compromising user privacy and without putting the project in an adversarial position with the law; I cannot give them information about you that I do not have, and spirit of the GDPR mandates that I do not collect this information.

A short term window of information retention is necessary to allow things like rate-limiting and to diagnose bugs. After this window is passed, all logs that may contain user queries are shredded.

With sufficient time and a large IT forensics budget, someone could probably work out who you are and what you have searched for. Measures are taken to make that time consuming and expensive, while at the same maintaining some ability to diagnose problems with the set up and infrastructure.