Posted: 2023-03-23

An API for the search engine is available through api.marginalia.nu.

The API is simple enough to be self-explanatory. Examples:


The ‘index’ parameter selects the search index, corresponding to the drop down next to the search field in the main GUI.

For experimentation, the key “public” is available, as used in the examples on this page. This key has a shared rate limit across all consumers. When this rate limit is hit a HTTP status 503 is returned.

Key and license

Please send an email to kontakt@marginalia.nu if you want your own key with a separate rate limit. The search engine has seen quite a lot of problems with bot abuse, making this registration step a sad necessity.

No guarantees can be made about uptime or availability.

By default the data is provided under the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Other licensing and terms are negotiable.

Sample code in python 3

import requests

url = "https://api.marginalia.nu/{key}/search/{query}";

rsp = requests.get(url.format(key='public', query="linear b"));

if rsp.ok:
  data = rsp.json()
  print ("Query: ", data['query'])
  print ("License: ", data['license'])
  print ("")
  for result in data['results']:
      print (result['url'])
      print ("\t" + result['title'])
      print ("\t" + result['description'])
      print ("")
    print ("Bad Status " + str(rsp.status_code))

Something missing?

Please let me know if there are features you would like added to the API.

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