How To Read An Article On The Internet

Posted: 2023-12-20

 A simple guide to reading
    in 9 simple steps
  1. Navigate to the desired article.
  2. Dismiss the GDPR banner
  3. It may seem safe to start reading, but you need to wait about 10 seconds as the various ad auctions resolve and scripts load in
  4. Wait while the article is populated with ads. While the article is in front of you, there is no point to starting to read yet, as the minute’s worth of layout shift will make you lose your place.
  5. Once the layout has settled and not shifted for 10 seconds, move the mouse cursor toward the URL bar to trigger any sort of exit intent scripts you might otherwise accidentally invoke while reading.
  6. Scroll to the end of the article to ensure a paywall doesn’t appear halfway through the article.
  7. Dismiss any calls to subscribe to a newsletter that may have appeared in step 6.
  8. Press Ctrl+F and search for out-of-place paragraphs beginning with “Benefits of”; this is a strong indicator the article is some ChatGPT content farm gibberish.
  9. Press Ctrl+P to bring up the print preview dialog and read the article in print preview

Some also say you should press the back button once to get any back button hijackings out of the way, but your mileage vay vary.