Sleeping at Night

Posted: 2023-08-22

I’ve started going on a long walk each morning immediately as I wake up, and it’s had the unexpected side-effect of fixing my broken circadian rhythm.

For decades, as long as I can remember, I’ve been what you might consider a serious night owl. Regardless of how long I slept or when I woke up, I would get nothing requiring any sort of thought done until sometime after lunch, and it wasn’t really until late at night that my brain really kicked into gear.

Then I’d struggle getting to sleep in time, and the cycle would repeat itself the next day. When I’ve had work, I’ve been barely been able to contain the yawns morning; and when I haven’t, I’ve been sleeping all day with sleep time gradually moving forward each night.

This unexpectedly changed though.

I’ve begun starting my day by having a cup of coffee and going on a long walk, anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour thirty. Arriving back home, I’ll be fully awake despite the hour being of a single digit. Then as evening comes, so does the yawning and tiredness I’d normally associate with morning. I’ll go to bed and be out in an instant, sleeping like a log all night.

I realize this isn’t a realistic solution for everyone, but I’m sharing my N=1 regardless.