R.I.P. Memex

Posted: 2023-05-08

I killed the old memex.marginalia.nu site. Not because it wasn’t great, but because I don’t have the time to maintain the software, which was quite janky, and perhaps most of all I wasn’t really feeling it.

The new site looks superficially similar, but it’s actually just a Hugo template that emulates some of the memex’ capabilities. Although some of the coolest stuff is sadly gone as a result.

Thankfully I decided to use an extremely portable markup format when building the original memex software, which meant that porting it over to hugo was literally just a matter of writing a brief python script.

Initially the plan was to use an existing template, to save myself a lot of effort, but it turns out the ones that looked good were kinda shit, and the ones that weren’t shit were too bloated.

Hopefully most links to stuff anyone would want to read should still work, due to a system of nginx redirects and hugo alias directives.