Experimenting with Personalized PageRank

Posted: 2021-10-02

The last few days I’ve felt like my first attempt at a ranking algorithm for the search engine was pretty good, like it was producing some pretty interesting results. It felt close to what I wanted to accomplish.

The first ranking algorithm was a simple link-counting algorithm that did some weighting to promote pages that look in a certain fashion. It did seem to keep the page quality up, but also seemed to as a strange side-effect promote very “1996”-looking websites. This isn’t quite what I wanted to accomplish, I wanted to promote new sites as well as long as they were rich in content.

This morning I was reading through the original paper on PageRank, an algorithm I had mostly discounted as I thought it would be too prone to manipulation, mostly based on Google’s poor performance. I had done some trials earlier and the results weren’t particularly impressive. Junk seemed to float to the top and what I wanted at the top was in the middle somewhere.

Then I noticed toward the end the authors mention something called “Personalized PageRank”; a modification of the algorithm that skews the results toward a certain subset of the graph.

The authors claim

These types of personalized PageRanks are virtually immune to manipulation by commercial interests. For a page to get a high PageRank, it must convince an important page, or a large number of non-important pages to link to it.

Huh. My interest was piqued.

The base algorithm models a visitor randomly clicking links and bases the ranking of the distribution of where the visitor is most likely to end up.

The modification of the algorithm in simplicity introduces a set of pages that a hypothetical visitor spontanenously goes back to when they get bored with the current domain. The base algorithm instead has the visitor leaving to a random page. In the base algorithm this helps escape from loops, but in the modified algorithm it also introduces a bias nodes pages adjacent to that set.

I implemented the algorithm. PageRank is a very simple algorithm so this wasn’t more than a few hours. I used my own memex.marginalia.nu as the set of pages the bored visitor goes to, as it has a lot of links to pages I like. The algorithm ran for a few seconds and then converged into something beautiful: A list of small personal websites.

No, wait. This doesn’t cut it.

Jesus. H. Christ. On. An. Actual. Penny. Farthing. What. I. Don’t. Even. HUH?!

The top 1000 results were almost ALL personal websites, like of the sort that was actually interesting! It’s… it’s the small web! It’s the living breathing blogosphere! It’s everything I wanted to make available and discoverable! I did some testing on a smaller index, and it actually kinda worked. I pushed it into production, and it works. It’s amazing!

What’s great is that even though I didn’t plan for this, my search index design allows me to actually roll with both algorithms at the same time; I can even mix the results. So I put a drop down where you can choose which ranking algorithm you want. I could probably add in a third algorithm as well!

It’s very exciting. There is probably more stuff I can tweak but it seems to produce very good results.

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Appendix - A Lot Of Domains

This is going to be a lot of domains, a top-25 ranking based on which domain the PageRank biases towards. I’m not hyperlinking them, but sample a few with copy&paste. They are mostly pretty interesting.


The current seed

search.marginalia.nu twtxt.xyz wiki.xxiivv.com www.loper-os.org lee-phillips.org memex.marginalia.nu www.lord-enki.net jim.rees.org www.ranprieur.com ranprieur.com john-edwin-tobey.org tilde.town www.ii.com equinox.eulerroom.com cyborgtrees.com lobste.rs www.teddydd.me collapseos.org 0xff.nu antoine.studio parkimminent.com jitterbug.cc www.awalvie.me www.lambdacreate.com desert.glass mineralexistence.com milofultz.com ameyama.com nchrs.xyz ftrv.se www.wileywiggins.com www.leonrische.me forum.camendesign.com nilfm.cc terra.finzdani.net kokorobot.ca www.tinybrain.fans void.cc akkartik.name 100r.co sentiers.media llllllll.co www.paritybit.ca sr.ht eli.li usesthis.com marktarver.com mvdstandard.net blmayer.dev dulap.xyz


Let’s try someone who is more into the humanities.

monadnock.net coccinella.im www.coccinella.im kingsmountain.com metajack.im anglosphere.com www.kingsmountain.com test.ralphm.net ralphm.net badd10de.dev xmpp.org memex.marginalia.nu copyfree.org etwof.com chrismatthewsciabarra.com www.chrismatthewsciabarra.com www.igniterealtime.org www.xmcl.org www.jxplorer.org search.marginalia.nu www.bitlbee.org perfidy.org www.gracion.com stpeter.im www.ircap.es www.ircap.net www.ircap.com dismail.de wiki.mcabber.com www.knowtraffic.com www.rage.net fsci.in trypticon.org www.riseofthewest.net www.riseofthewest.com fsci.org.in www.planethofmann.com www.badpopcorn.com muquit.com www.muquit.com git.disroot.org www.hackint.org www.skills-1st.co.uk glyph.twistedmatrix.com www.thenewoil.xyz leechcraft.org anarchobook.club ripple.ryanfugger.com swisslinux.org mikaela.info


These results are pretty similar to the MEMEX bunch, but with a bigger slant toward the technical I feel. Most of these people have a github link on their page.

siskam.link brandonanzaldi.com neros.dev matthil.de www.gibney.org www.possiblerust.com kevinmahoney.co.uk werat.dev coq.io 64k.space tomasino.org axelsvensson.com call-with-current-continuation.org secretchronicles.org adripofjavascript.com alexwennerberg.com nogweii.net evaryont.me reykfloeter.com www.chrisdeluca.me hauleth.dev mkws.sh danilafe.com knezevic.ch mort.coffee writepermission.com danso.ca chown.me syuneci.am feed.junglecoder.com magit.vc antranigv.am nathan.run barnacl.es soap.coffee www.craigstuntz.com pzel.name eloydegen.com robertodip.com vincentp.me vfoley.xyz www.uraimo.com creativegood.com stratus3d.com shitpost.plover.com forums.foundationdb.org hristos.co hristos.lol julienblanchard.com euandre.org


Next up is an older site, and the results seem to reflect the change in seed quite well. Not all of them are old, but the feel is definitely not the same as the previous ones.

x-tt.osdn.jp www.tjansen.de www.blueeyedos.com asic-linux.com.mx checkinstall.izto.org hobbes.nmsu.edu www.stevengould.org greenfly.org www.parts-unknown.com www.afterstep.org lagarcavilla.org brltty.app aput.net openmap-java.org www.splode.com links.twibright.com www.dolbeau.name www.dbsoft.org dbsoft.org www.sanpei.org www.dubbele.com www.sgtwilko.f9.co.uk www.anti-particle.com www.climatemodeling.org www.sealiesoftware.com sealiesoftware.com openbsdsupport.org www.momonga-linux.org www.varlena.com www.semislug.mi.org www.dcc-jpl.com www.tfug.org www.usermode.org www.mewburn.net www.herdsoft.com xfree86.org www.xfree86.org www.tinmith.net tfug.org james.hamsterrepublic.com www.dummzeuch.de arcgraph.de www.fluxbox.org www.treblig.org josephpetitti.com www.lugo.de fluxbox.org petitti.org shawnhargreaves.com ml.42.org


Old academic website related to American history.

www.sherwoodforest.org www.expo98.msu.edu www.trevanian.com www.lachaisefoundation.org www.toysrbob.com darianworden.com twain.lib.virginia.edu dubsarhouse.com www.carterfamilyfold.org essays.quotidiana.org va400.org webpage.pace.edu www.wyomingtalesandtrails.com wyomingtalesandtrails.com bbll.com graybrechin.net genealogy.ztlcox.com www.bbll.com www.graybrechin.net www.thomasgenweb.com thomasgenweb.com www.granburydepot.org www.northbankfred.com www.melville.org www.stratalum.org mtmen.org www.mtmen.org onter.net www.tommymarkham.com www.robert-e-howard.org www.straw.com www.foucault.de www.antonart.com www.footguard.org www.taiwanfirstnations.org jmisc.net www.jmisc.net www.thegospelarmy.com jimlong.com pixbygeorge.info www.boskydellnatives.com www.imagesjournal.com www.onter.net silentsaregolden.com imagesjournal.com www.frozentrail.org www.pocahontas.morenus.org vinnieream.com www.historyinreview.org www.sandg-anime-reviews.net


www.quiveringbrain.com revbeergoggles.com www.seesharppress.com www.vishalpatel.com www.revbeergoggles.com seesharppress.com www.digital-church.com lycanon.org www.lycanon.org all-electric.com www.wd8das.net fictionliberationfront.net www.fictionliberationfront.net www.radicalartistfoundation.de cca.org cyberpsychos.netonecom.net www.stylexohio.com StylexOhio.com www.theleader.org theleader.org www.annexed.net principiadiscordia.com www.evil.com www.the-philosophers-stone.com the-philosophers-stone.com www.hackersdictionary.com kernsholler.net www.kernsholler.net www.booze-bibbing-order-of-bacchus.com www.westley.org www.bigmeathammer.com www.littlefyodor.com www.isotopecomics.com sacred-texts.com www.tarsierjungle.net www.monkeyfilter.com www.slackware.com www.nick-andrew.net www.eidos.org www.templeofdin.co.uk saintstupid.com www.saintstupid.com www.rapidpacket.com www.mishkan.com www.consortiumofgenius.com www.xenu-directory.net www.cuke-annex.com www.nihilists.net nihilists.net madmartian.com