The Mind's A Field

Posted: 2021-07-18

I find if I do not regularly plant interesting thoughts in my mind, it will rarely grow them spontaneously. I need to read interesting books, or have interesting conversations; if I do not, I’ll look back at my ideas and find I haven’t really had any in a very long time. Thoughts will grow whether I take care to plant them or not, but what grows if I have been careless is weeds.

I find if I do not regularly harvest interesting thoughts from my mind, they will occupy the same space forever and completely displace new ideas. I need to file them away in writing somewhere to be able to let them go.

I find if I do not ever rotate the type of thoughts I attempt to grow, if I never change ambitions, never try new activities but always stick to the same old groove, my mind will eventually grow barren and malnourished and stricken with the debilitating notion that I already know what there is to know.