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My name is Viktor. I’m a Swedish software engineer and hypertext enjoyer. Marginalia is a website I’ve built. It’s really almost a bunch of websites on a common theme. If you find yourself clicking a link and ending up on a page that looks completely different, that’s just how things are.

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Recent Updates

2024-02-25 Marginalia: 3 Years in log
It’s been three years since the inception of Marginalia Search, then a dinky experiment to find where the heck the cool Internet has gone, now my full time job. While there’s always things that can be improved, it’s fair to say the search engine has never worked as well as it does right now. A great number of milestones have been reached, perhaps biggest of all the search engine has moved out of my living room and into a proper enterprise server.
2024-02-07 Best SEO spam 2024 reddit in log
One of the great joys of working on a search engine is that you get to reverse engineer SEO spam, and overall study how it evolves over time. I’ve been noticing the search engine spam strategy of adding ‘reddit’ to page titles for a few years now, but it feels like it’s been growing a lot recently. I don’t think it’s actually working, but it’s so cute that they are trying.
2024-02-01 Uses in
Linux distribution is Gentoo, currently. Been on Debian forever, but since it’s approaching 20 years since last I used Gentoo, I decided to give it a go. Feels oddly familiar. So far less yak shaving than I’d anticipated. Window manager is XFCE4 with the Chicago95 theme. KDE-stuff has the reactionary theme. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s close enough that it doesn’t grate the senses too much. More visually consistent than most other desktop environments, even actual (2020s) Windows.
2024-01-30 Contexts, Friction and Distractions in log
I get significantly more work done when I unplug my computer from the Internet. It’s not that my productive output drops to zero when I’m plugged in, but more like 70%. Despite many of the tools that I use requiring a connection, and certainly the Internet containing a wealth of information that might expedite my work, these benefits are drastically outweighed by the wealth of distractions also available. It’s very appealing, when the code is compiling or the docker containers restarting, to sneak open a browser tab with hacker news, or the Χ formerly known as Twitter, youtube, mastodon, a news site, or something similar to pass those minutes.
2024-01-29 Charlatans spreading misleading beginner advice are the evolutionary crabs of youtube content creators in log
You have a hobby you’ve been into for a decade or more. You like talking about your hobby, and your friends and family, after listening to these things for as long as you’ve been into them, maybe aren’t as excited to always hear about it as you are about discussing them, so in an act of compassion you create a youtube channel where you can monologue about your passion instead.


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