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My name is Viktor. I’m a Swedish software engineer and hypertext enjoyer. Marginalia is a website I’ve built. It’s really almost a bunch of websites on a common theme. If you find yourself clicking a link and ending up on a page that looks completely different, that’s just how things are.

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Recent Updates

2023-11-07 Anchor Tags in log
I’ve been working on getting anchor tag keywords into the search engine, basically using link texts to complement the keywords on a webpage. The problem I’m attempting to address is that many websites don’t really describe themselves particularly well. As Steve Ballmer’s stage performance once illustrated, merely repeating a word doesn’t on its own make what you’re saying relevant to the term. Another good example of how it falls short is PuTTY’s website, which will be used as a pilot case to improve.
2023-10-30 Partitioning The Index in log
So a bit of an update on what I’ve been working on. This will be adapted into release notes in a while, but I haven’t quite wrapped a bow on the change set yet. Still, it has certainly been a few weeks. Didn’t quite land how busy I’ve been until I set down to draft this post. Them’s some changes, and I’m skipping a few to keep this meandering post at a sane length.
2023-10-19 The List in log
As a general observation, I tend to be more productive when I know what to do next at any given moment. There are days when I’ve seemingly gotten a “week” of work done on an afternoon, those are the days when what I needed to do was very clear, and I basically just had a list of items to tick off one by one. There have admittedly also those ignoble weeks weeks when I’ve gotten an afternoon’s work done, mostly they are weeks when it’s not been at all clear what to do next.
2023-10-07 Moving Marginalia to a New Server in log
So the search engine is moving to a new server soon, thanks to the generous grant mentioned recently. If you visit search.marginalia.nu now, it may or may not use the old or new server. It’ll be like this for a while, since I need them both for testing and maintenance type work. I’ll also apologize if this post is a bit chaotic. It is a reflection of a very chaotic couple of weeks that apart from setting up this migration also involved a very short notice invitation for a presentation at ossym23.
2023-10-07 Release Notes v2023.10.0 in release-notes
This is a mostly technical release. It takes the index from 106M to 164M documents. Zero Downtime Upgrades and halved memory consumption The initial focus of the release was to address the sometimes lengthy downtimes that have plagued the project when loading a new index. There is a somewhat lengthy write-up about this here; but the short version is that this was very successful and a drastic optimization, removed not only the needed downtime, but added neat new features and slashed the RAM requirements in half!


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